[INFOGRAPHIC SUMMARY] For Recruiters in Search of a Project Manager

Linh Tran, Mercoledì, 26 Agosto 2015 | Reading time: unknown

Infographic Summary for Recruiters in Search of a Project Manager

Everybody loves a good infographic – or THREE! You read that correctly, we have created infographic summaries for this month’s blog series. No time to read the full article? Well, sometimes an infographic says more than a thousand words. 

We’re starting with the infographics for recruiters who are looking for a project manager and need tips on how to find or onboard one.


For Recruiters (Part 1): Does Your Business Need a Project Manager?

[Infographic] Signs your business needs a Project Manager

For Recruiters (Part 2): How to Find a Great Project Manager

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to find a great Project Manager

For Recruiters (Part 3): How to Get the Onboarding of New Project Managers Right

[INFOGRAPHIC] Onboarding of new Project Managers

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