InLoox Survey Discovers Lack of Appreciation is Major Catalyst for Employee Stress

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The InLoox Work-Life-Balance Survey reveals differences between supervisor and employee satisfaction and stress levels at work

San Francisco, March 30, 2015 – A new work-life balance survey by project management software producer InLoox released today unveiled the current state of stress and appreciation in the workplace. The survey, conducted among more than 200 participants, found that the most stressful situations in everyday work life are caused by human factors. While some would expect that challenging circumstances, such as a heavy workload or demanding professional goals cause the most stress, InLoox revealed that a major factor in elevated stress levels is a lack of appreciation among entry and mid-level employees.

InLoox aimed to find risk factors and crucial parameters when it comes to establishing a sensible balance between a fulfilled work life and relaxed personal time. Survey participants showed that widespread burnout has become more of a problem for employees, more so than supervisors.

A noteworthy finding is the fact that people who do not have a boss are more content with their work situation than those working directly with a supervisor. Almost all of the surveyed supervisors or self-employed persons (98%) stated that they feel appreciated in their working environment, while only 80% of employees working for a supervisor felt the same.

Other highlights of the survey found that:

A lack of appreciation raises stress levels

The survey showed that those who feel valued in their work environment are less likely to feel negative stress.

  • The vast majority (80%) of those who feel that their work is not valued stated that their job has a negative impact on their private life. Only half of those who feel valued at work felt their job negatively impacted their private life.
  • There is also a considerable difference in terms of financial acknowledgement: 85% of supervisors are satisfied with their income, while only 60% of employees say the same.

One in two employees feels pressed for time

  • Only 51% of employees have the impression that they have enough time to complete all of their important tasks.
  • Only 5% of respondents work at one project at a time; 21% of the participants work on five projects at once and 14% maintain ten concurrent projects.
  • 36% of the respondents need between one and half and two hours per day just to manage their emails.
  • One out of five employees also stated that he or she feels exhausted before the workday even begins. Only 3% of supervisors said the same.
  • 19% of employees and 12% of supervisors are afraid of suffering burnout.

Supervisors are more content with themselves

  • About 70% of supervisors said that they have reached valuable professional goals, whereas only 45% of the responding employees said the same.
  • Employees seem to have higher expectations of themselves (as stated by 66% of them), whereas only 50% of supervisors said the same.
  • When it comes to assessing their own performance, employees also are often unsatisfied: 45% of them said that they now feel less productive than they felt years ago. Only 30% of supervisors have the same impression.

“The survey shows that the perception of self-determination and acknowledgement makes even high-pressure jobs bearable and even prevents stress. This is a clear signal to managers and team leaders. The human factor is crucial when you want to retain great staff. Employees, however, should not be ashamed to ask for an acknowledgement of their great work,” says InLoox CEO Dr. Andreas Tremel.

Read the full survey/whitepaper here.

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