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InLoox im Einsatz bei SGB-SMIT Group - Hersteller von Leistungstransformatoren


Ohmstraße 10
93055 Regensburg



  • The simulation of workflows & scenarios helped to complete the evaluation phase within 3 months
  • InLoox meets the collaboration requirements
  • The compilation and handling of documents, drafts and schedules is easy and efficient
  • SGB-SMIT has saved valuable resources by reducing man hours


“The company has approved a new business strategy which will simplify workflows and processes within the group in the coming four years. It was therefore necessary to adapt more complex processes like projectmanagement and align them with the new business strategy.” 

Head of IT, SGB-SMIT Group

SGB-SMIT Group integrates InLoox successfully into the global enterprise infrastructure

SGB-SMIT - Special transformers

The SGB-SMIT Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of power transformers, has its headquarters in Regensburg and six production sites in five countries. In order to enable equally clear and coherent project workflows across locations, the company decided to use InLoox PM for Outlook. Among other things, because the solution was the easiest to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure and was one hundred percent compliant with the company's internal business strategy of 2018.

After the integration of InLoox PM, not only the coordination processes among all project participants improved. The compilation of the necessary documents, drafts and schedules also became uncomplicated and efficient. In addition, the project managers emphasize that InLoox also solved the problem of inadequate reporting satisfactorily.

The entire team sees clear advantages in the integration of the project management software, which also have a monetary effect. For example, the company saves valuable resources on a large scale because the man-hours are reduced. This in turn reduces the workload of the employees and creates an unprecedented overview of all processes and sub-steps of each project for the project management. Currently, about 300 employees are actively working with the InLoox software. Most of the licenses are distributet internally. However, project participants are also involved at external locations, which means great progress for the often widely spread sites.