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Project Planning

Project Planning

Keep track of project costs, returns and dates of your project landscape — this makes planning and coordinating very easy.

Task Management Icon

Task Management

Organize tasks in free work packages and stay agile with the virtual Kanban-view — this way, team members always know what to do and when.

Document Management Icon

Document Management

Create new documents and interlink existing ones directly within the relevant project folder — and stay organized without additional effort.

Resource Management Icon

Resource Management

Track real-time capacity utilization in your teams and departments. This way, you can easily optimize the workload distribution.

Make your projects perform

With InLoox PM for Outlook you can manage projects, documents, resources, mind maps, and budgets directly in the familiar user interface of Microsoft Outlook. Find out how the software helps you streamline your everyday project work. If you prefer working online, our InLoox PM Web App is the right solution for you. Find out more about the online project management software solution made by InLoox here

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