Online training: Individua training session with an expert

Details & Pricing

Course number: PM-TC-O05-EN

Course type: Online training

Language: English


  • For individuals: 140,00€ per hour (plus VAT)
  • For groups (up to 10 persons): 170,00€ per hour (plus VAT)


The training date will be set individually after consultation with you.

Please, would you indicate in the comments field your preferred date and time for this training and a callback phone number.

I want to request this training

The training session is a supplement to the introductory training course and does not replace it. 


The training session is tailored to your individual questions about the use and configuration of InLoox and is aimed at anyone who uses InLoox - be it project managers, team members or system administrators. An InLoox expert will provide you with professional answers in a personal training session and give you practical tips that can be implemented directly.

Possible topics

  • Using InLoox in a specific system environment
  • Using the full potential of InLoox in a specific project
  • Refreshing your InLoox knowledge from the introductory training course