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Construction scheduling in service phases

In the context of construction project management, the term "service phases" refers to various stages within a construction project, each encompassing specific services and tasks. These phases are typically defined in the Fee Scales for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) in Germany and structure the entire process from the initial idea to the completion of the construction. This means that the term service phase in construction project management cannot be equated with general project phases in project management.

The 9 service phases according to HOAI

  1. Basic Evaluation: Clarification of the task, analysis of site and project conditions.
  2. Preliminary Planning (Project and Planning Preparation): Development of a preliminary concept taking into account legal, functional, technical, economic, and ecological requirements.
  3. Design Planning: Detailing the concept into a design with precise information on layout, construction, materials, and technology.
  4. Approval Planning: Preparation and submission of documents necessary for the required permits and approvals.
  5. Execution Planning: Detailed elaboration of the execution documents, detailed drawings, and technical descriptions.
  6. Preparation of the Contract Award: Compilation of tender documents, determination and compilation of quantities as a basis for the cost offer.
  7. Assistance with the Contract Award: Solicitation, examination, and evaluation of offers, negotiation with suppliers, preparation of the award proposal.
  8. Project Supervision (Construction Supervision): Supervision of the execution of the construction project to ensure quality, compliance with plans, schedules, and costs.
  9. Project Management and Documentation: Supervision of defect rectification, documentation of the overall project, support during commissioning and use.

Service phases in Austria

Austria also has a structured system for managing construction projects, similar to the service phases in Germany but adapted to Austrian law and practices. The services of architects and engineers in Austria are often structured according to the performance images and fee scales set by the Chamber of Civil Engineers (Architects and Engineers).

These service phases typically include:

  1. Pre-project phase (feasibility studies): Analysis of basic conditions, clarification of project goals, initial cost estimates.
  2. Design phase: Development of the project concept, initial sketches and designs.
  3. Submission planning: Creation of necessary documents for official approval procedures.
  4. Execution planning: Detailed elaboration of execution documents, construction drawings, detailed descriptions, and calculations.
  5. Tendering phase: Tendering of construction works, solicitation and evaluation of bids, tender recommendation.
  6. Construction phase (construction supervision): Supervision of construction execution, coordination of companies involved, cost control.
  7. Project completion: Acceptance of construction services, defect rectification, handover to the client, documentation.

Although the basic structure is similar, the names and exact breakdown of the service phases can vary. It is important to note that in Austria, too, the service phases serve to divide a construction project into manageable, logically sequential steps that enable systematic planning, implementation and control of the project.

Additional or different service phases may be defined for specific projects or areas of responsibility. It is therefore advisable to inquire about the current guidelines and standards issued by the professional chambers or the responsible authorities when planning and implementing construction projects in Austria.

Service phases in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the management of construction projects is also structured through a system of service phases, which organizes the project flow from the initial idea to the building's completion and use. This system is defined by the Order for Services and Fees of Architects and Engineers (SIA 102 for architects and SIA 103 for engineers), issued by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). The SIA norms are widely recognized in Switzerland and serve as the basis for contract arrangements and fee billing.

The service phases according to SIA 102 (for architectural services) are typically divided as follows:

  1. Strategic Planning: Basic evaluation, needs analysis, feasibility studies.
  2. Preliminary Project: Initial concept and project development, preliminary clarifications, cost estimate.
  3. Construction Project: Detailed project elaboration, creation of plans and documents for the construction application.
  4. Approval Procedure: Submission of documents to authorities, support through the approval process.
  5. Execution Planning: Detailing of execution documents, creation of work plans and detailed drawings.
  6. Tendering: Creation of tender documents, conducting the tendering process.
  7. Realization: Construction supervision and management, cost and schedule management.
  8. Commissioning: Acceptances, defect rectification, handover to the client.
  9. Use and Management: Support for commissioning, documentation of executed work, consulting on use and management.

These phases cover the entire lifecycle of a construction project, from the initial idea to the long-term use of the building, enabling systematic planning, execution, and monitoring of construction projects and ensuring that all relevant aspects are considered.

It is important to note that in addition to the main services according to SIA 102 and SIA 103, there are also specific standards and guidelines for various specialist areas, such as civil engineering, electrical planning or HVACSE (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical). The application of the SIA standards ensures a high level of quality in the planning and execution of construction projects in Switzerland.

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