New horizons with InLoox 11.5:
Your dashboard, your rules!

Discover the revolutionary Dashboard Designer in InLoox Web App and dive into a world of centralized data visualization. Customize, adapt intuitively and maintain an overview at all times - these are just some of the benefits you will experience with our latest update.

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Tip Also discover our new dashboard templates! These provide you with meaningful data visualizations at the touch of a button..

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Dashboards in InLoox Web App
Neuer Dokumentenbereich - Vorschau, Verschieben, Ersetzen, Kommentare


New features in the document section of Loox 11.5: More efficient and user-friendly!

Discover our redesigned document management! From instant document previews to file replacement and file moving, InLoox 11.5 revolutionizes your document work and makes team collaboration more efficient than ever.

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November 21, 2023 

Introducing: The Dashboard Designer in InLoox Web App

Stop time-consuming searches for individual pieces of information. The Dashboard Designer centralizes and visualizes your data so that you can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

It has never been easier to tailor dashboards to your specific business processes and individual needs as a company. With the new Dashboard Designer in InLoox Web App, customizing dashboards is intuitive - no need to switch to InLoox for Outlook or InLoox for Windows. Simply open an existing dashboard and open the Designer using the Edit dashboard slider at the top right. You now have a wide range of options: Whether bar charts, pie charts, text elements, filters and more - simply drag and drop desired elements into the dashboard, integrate data and customize them to your needs.

Dashboard Designer in InLoox Web App

Further information can also be found in our help article about dashboards »


New: Import & export dashboard views

With InLoox 11.5 you can also benefit from enhanced flexibility: you can now export and import dashboard views in the InLoox Web App.

Dashboard-Ansichten importieren und exportieren

New dashboard templates

As part of the import/export function of dashboards, we are providing you with new standard dashboard templates that have been specially developed to make monitoring and controlling your projects even easier. Info New customers have these templates automatically in their account. For all existing customers, you can download the new dashboard templates here ».

Specifically, these are the following dashboard templates:

  • Project KPIs: At project level, you receive comprehensive insights into project status as well as total, remaining, overdue and completed effort across all projects. An additional detailed breakdown shows you the 10 projects with the highest effort and their status.
  • Project Milestones: Get a cross-project overview of completed and upcoming milestones at project level and refine your analyses with special filter functions (e.g. by project manager or progress).
  • Task Insights: Gain insight into the total number and status of your open, ongoing and delayed tasks and adjust your planning based on detailed effort analysis per project.
  • Resource Insights: Monitor the workload and distribution of your resources in clear diagrams and obtain informative key figures on the number of tasks including the effort per person.
  • Resource Effort Plan-Actual: This dashboard enables a direct comparison of planned resource efforts and actually tracked times for tasks. Use these insights to identify where adjustments need to be made and to make future effort planning more effective.
  • Financials Plan-Actual: Monitor your project costs in a targeted manner. This dashboard enables a direct comparison between planned and actual costs. Use filter options to refine analyses according to progress or project manager.
  • Project Value: This dashboard is specifically designed for portfolio management and offers you an intuitive and visually appealing way to evaluate and analyze your projects. The dashboard displays your projects in a matrix based on the key dimensions Risk and Value, each on a scale of 1 to 10. Read more details below in the section about Project Assessment »

InLoox Dashboard: Project Value


Report Designer in InLoox Web App

In addition to the Dashboard Designer, the Report Designer has also found its way into InLoox 11.5. This powerful tool opens up completely new possibilities for creating customized reports that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

How to find the Report Designer: In InLoox Web App, select Reports in the left-hand menu and then click on Layout Designer. You then have a wide range of options to configure your reports exactly as you want them.

InLoox Berichte: Layout Designer öffnen

Bericht Designer in InLoox Web App

Further support:

  • Introduction: An introduction to the user interface can be found in the help article about InLoox Reports »
  • In-depth training: As the functionalities of the Report Designer are very extensive and sometimes complex, we recommend our corresponding training course (available both as a on-site workshop » and as online workshop »). There you will learn how to tailor dashboards and reports effectively and efficiently to the needs of your company.


New features in the document section

InLoox 11.5 sets new standards in document management with a comprehensive redesign of the document area. These innovations not only improve the user experience, but also the collaboration and efficiency of your team. Here are the highlights:

Immediate document preview

As soon as you select a document in InLoox, a preview is immediately displayed on the right-hand side. This allows you to get a quick overview of the content without having to download the entire document - which saves time and makes document organization easier.

Replace + move documents

With the new "Replace" feature, you can easily update revised versions of documents without having to delete the original file. In addition, the "Move" function offers more flexibility when organizing your files by allowing you to easily move documents to other folders.

Move and replace documents

SharePoint integration: Flexible modification of the document path

For users of SharePoint Online , InLoox 11.5 brings an essential improvement: the ability to adapt the document path of a project at a later date. This is particularly important if there are changes to the project structure, such as a change to the project name.

Customization with a few clicks: Select the folder in InLoox, click on the three vertical dots at the top right and select Change document path. Enter the new path. After changing the path, you will have direct access to your documents as usual. For more details, read the help article change document path »

Change document path

This new feature in InLoox 11.5 ensures that your document organization always remains in sync with the developments of your project, thus enabling smooth, efficient project management.


Introduction of the field project description & assessment

With InLoox 11.5, you will find two important new features on the Manage page of your projects:

  • Project description: Firstly, you will receive a text field for the "Project description" on the Manage page of your project. This area offers enough space to enter all the essential project information centrally. From important links that allow quick access to documents and external pages to the definition of comprehensive project objectives. Create a source of information that creates clarity for everyone involved and promotes a common understanding.
  • Project assessment: In addition to the project description, you can now evaluate projects with regard to important criteria. Assess the risk (low to high), size (small to large) and value (low to high) of the project. Based on these criteria, an overall assessment score is calculated. In the corresponding "Project value" dashboard (see above), the projects are displayed based on risk and value and allow a visual classification.This is the first step towards comprehensive portfolio management. It allows you to classify projects more effectively, set clear priorities and thus ensure more informed project planning and execution.
    For more details, read the help article project assessment »

Project Description & Assessment


Resource overview & workload

Advanced project planning with resource utilization view

With the latest update, InLoox 11.5 presents you with an extended Gantt chart view. This not only offers more in-depth insights into your project planning, but also opens up new possibilities for resource optimization. All information at a glance:

  • Easy access: Use a new button in the navigation bar to show or hide the resource overview.

    Ressourcen-Übersicht in Planung einblenden

  • Integrated resource utilization: Directly below the Gantt chart, the resource utilization of those team members who are assigned as resources for tasks in the Gantt chart is displayed.
  • Simultaneous monitoring: Monitor project progress and the associated resource utilization at the same time. Changes in the Gantt chart are reflected in the resource utilization in real time. This facilitates the identification of bottlenecks and reveals when an optimized distribution of tasks is required.

Ressourcenauslastung unterhalb Gantt-Planung

Thanks to this innovative integration, you can not only react more efficiently to project changes, but also manage your resources more flexibly and make the best possible use of them.

All details on the application can also be found in the help article Resource utilization in project planning »


Resource overview: Utilization of resources now with team level

The resource overview has been further optimized in this release. In addition to the usual level of detail from the workload of individual persons, their Outlook appointments & project commitments to specific tasks, we are now expanding your overview to include the entire team.

New: The introduction of the team level in the resource overview. With this feature, we are strengthening your ability to capture teams - organized by location, department or other criteria - in their overall workload. This holistic perspective enables you to efficiently plan, manage and balance not only individual resources, but entire teams.

More details about the different levels can be found in the help article resource overview »

Ressourcen-Übersicht auf Teamebene


Maximum control with advanced calendar appointment tracking

Combining efficiency and data protection: Our popular Quicktrack feature, which allows you to easily convert Outlook appointments into time tracking entries for projects, is now even more flexible.

New in InLoox 11.5: Decide for yourself whether the descriptions of your Outlook appointments should be included in the time tracking entry or not. This not only offers more scope for individuality, but also ensures a higher level of data protection for personal information.

So it's up to you: simply activate or deactivate the switch to keep or not keep the appointment descriptions as required.

Track calendar appointments - New setting: Track full item contents

You can read all the details about this feature in the help article Track time of Outlook appointments »


Flexibility and efficiency with export & import of list views

With InLoox 11.5, we are pleased to offer you the option of importing and exporting your customized list views.

What does this mean fpr you? In InLoox, you can customize lists such as the global project or task list according to your needs. You select relevant columns, sort and filter data or group according to specific criteria. Previously, you could save these individual views and call them up as required. With InLoox 11.5, we go one step further:

  • Targeted sharing of views: Did you create a specific list view that is also useful for certain colleagues? In addition to the option of sharing views with all users in the account via the "Visible for all" slider, the new export/import function enables targeted sharing with selected people. This not only saves time, but also the effort of creating each view individually.
  • Easy to use: The function is intuitively designed. Simply select the desired list, customize the view, click on the icon with the three vertical dots and select "Manage views". Here you can easily import or export your views using the arrows.
  • Practical example: As a team leader, you create a view in the global task list that compares the workload and the actual times tracked by your team. You would like to make this effective view available to other team leaders. The new export/import function makes this quick and easy.

For further details, see our help article about list views »

Import und Export von Listenansichten in InLoox Web App



Update information for new InLoox version (InLoox OnPrem only)

To ensure that you are always up to date and benefit from all new InLoox features and improvements, we have introduced a new notification function: In addition to the notification bar in InLoox Web App, administrators will now also receive an e-mail notification when an InLoox update is available.

E-Mail Benachrichtigung über neue InLoox Version (nur InLoox OnPrem)


Improvements when adding project members

When adding project members like team members, customers, partners or others, InLoox now displays the e-mail address of the respective person in addition to the name. This is particularly helpful to avoid confusion with common names in larger organizations and to ensure that the right person is added to the project.

Another new feature is the ability to invite contacts who do not yet have an InLoox license, directly when selecting the team members of a project.

Projektmitglieder zu Projekt hinzufügen