How to create a new project

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In the following description we will explain step-by-step how to create a new project with InLoox 9 for Outlook. (Therefore you will need specific user permissions. If you do not have this permission, you can submit a project request.) Additionally, you can watch our video-tutorial on this topic: How to Create a New Projekt with InLoox 9 for Outlook

Step-by-Step Description

1. Start from your Outlook Inbox:

InLoox PM or InLoox now tab and ribbon

2. After that you can see the project list, which gives you a short overview about all your projects. 

Create a new project

3. The management form will open.

Here you can enter the basic project information. 

Projectname- and number, division, customer, categories


4. Assign a customer to your project.

Additionally, administrators can edit customers and customer numbers in the InLoox options. 

Select customer: already existing customer or safe customer in the pre-defined customer list

How to assign a new customer to the pre-defined customer list:

How to safe a customer in the pre-defined customer list

5. By assigning project team members (project team, project partners, customers etc.) to the project, your employees will know for which part of the project they are responsible.

By setting up a project team, you define the access permissions for the project. (For more information on how to share permissions or add users to the list, please see Set user permissions.)

Moreover by assigning project roles, you define the role permissions of the chosen person.

Select the project manager and team members from your Address Book (InLoox address book, Microsoft Outlook address book or exchange server address book):

Define project responsibilities

6. Select start and end dates as well as the status of the project.

Select start and end dates and the status of the project

7. Use notes to leave any additional information on the project.

You can change the appearance of the note with InLoox features on the Format tab. Customize your notes with different fonts, colors, sizes etc. …

customize your note


8. To save your note click on Post Note.

Your file is now linked to the note and can be accessed by pushing the Ctrl-button and clicking on the link.

Additionally, you can send your note via email to the project manager or other team members. Click on Notify and select a contact from the address book.

Notify: Administrators can define in the InLoox options, if notes are send via email, as Outlook-tasks or as Outlook meeting requests. 


9. Add other project information by using InLoox features on the Edit tab: 

Add other project information

10. Click on Save and Close in the start ribbon when you are finished. 

Safe and Close