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This document describes how to add calculated fields to a dashboard data source. Calculated fields allow you to apply complex expressions to data fields that are obtained from the dashboard's data source.

Creating a calculated field

After you have created a data source using the Create data source wizard, you can add a new calculated field based on the existing data source fields.

  1. To create a calculated field, select the required data source in the Data Source Browser and click the Add Calculated Field button in the Ribbon's Data Source tab.
     Or right-click the Data Source Browser area and select Add Calculated Field in the context menu.

    Add Calculated Field

     This invokes the Expression Editor dialog, which allows you to specify an expression that will be used to obtain calculated field values. Here you can construct the required expression.

  2. After the expression has been specified, click OK. This displays a new calculated field in the data source structure.
  3. Now you can specify the required calculated field type, change its default name, etc.

Editing a calculated field

To edit a calculated field, use its context menu.

This menu contains the following items.



Edit Expression

Invokes the Expression Editor dialog, which allows you to change an expression for an existing calculated field.

Field Type

Specifies the type of the calculated field.


Changes the calculated field name.


Removes the existing calculated field from the data source.

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