Basic project list features | InLoox PM 8 for Outlook 2007

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The InLoox PM 8 project list provides you with various features that make project editing easier and faster. As a standard, you can see only those projects in the project list, to which you have an access.

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Important features of the menu bar

Click InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox PM Toolbar to switch to the InLoox PM project list. You will find the following features in the menu bar:


Project list features

The following features can be found in the project list:

Features in the context menu

Information rules in the project list

Keyboard shortcut

Print in the project list

You can also print the project view. The procedure for printing is the same for dashboard, timeline, time tracking, contacts as well as for project pages - all printing settings and features can be found in the dialog box Print. Select the required settings and options in this box.

  1. In the menu bar click Print. The Print dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Settings under Choose a printer to change the paper size, output format or other settings.
    • If you want to specify individual pages or sets of pages to be printed, choose the required options in the Page area. Then click Apply.
  3. Click Print.

Be sure that all changes are made before clicking Print. The document will be sent directly to the printer by clicking Print.