How to create new projects in InLoox PM 8

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  1. You have the following two options to open the project list:
    • Click on Projects in the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon to switch to the list of existing InLoox PM projects.
    • Click on Projects in the Microsoft Outlook Navigation Bar at the bottom of the window and select Projects from the tree structure on the sidepanel to the left.

      Note If you are working with Outlook 2007, click on InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox PM Toolbar.

  2. You have the following options to start a new project:
    • Click on New Project in the InLoox PM group
    • Double click on any empty field in the project list.
    • Press F2 while in the project list, using the keyboard shortcut to start a new InLoox PM project.
  3. Enter a project name and any additional information available on the Management Page of the new project.

    You will be automatically assigned the project manager role.

    Tip The customer list contains a pre-selection of all companies that participated in previously started InLoox PM projects. For more information on assigning project related roles go to Assign a division, customer and category.

  4. After completing the information on the management page, click Save & Close on the project's Home tab.

 Tip Only authorized InLoox PM users have permission to start a project according to the above instructions. If you are unsure about your personal user permissions and user settings, please contact your administrator. For more information on how to edit user permissions go to Set up permissions and List of permissions.