How to create a project report | InLoox PM 8

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At the push of a button, the highly flexible report designer issues reports such as project summaries, budget lists, expense reports and plan/actual comparisons in a variety of file formats like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF and many more.

  1. Click Projects on the Outlook Ribbon to switch to the InLoox PM project overview.

    In Outlook 2007 click InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox  PM Toolbar.

  2. Choose one or more project in the project list.
  3. On the InLoox PM tab, in the Reports group, click Reports and choose from the drop-down Create Report.

    In Outlook 2007 click Reports in the InLoox PM Toolbar.

  4. In the New Report dialog box, in the Selection area choose All project, or Selected projects, or Projectts matching.

  5. Optionally you can filter the report data in this dialog box.

    For more information see Filter the report data.

  6. In the Template area select InLoox PM templates from the drop-down list.
  7. Optionally you can save a report for quick access.

    For more information see Manage the saved reports.

  8. Click Create report after you have made all changes you want.
  9. In the Print Options dialog box choose the settings you want:
    • In the Print Target area, in the Direct to... filed choose in the drop-down list the output format, e.g. PDF, Excel or Word.
    • In the Options area specify individual pages or sets of pages to be printed.
    • Click Start.