How to manage resources | InLoox PM 8

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In the resource overview, you can control the resource utilization directly in the project sides Work Packages, Mind Maps and Planning. Resources can be employees or objects used for work such as rooms, vehicles or machines. InLoox PM 8 differentiates between internal resources (i.e. Exchange Server mailboxes) and external resources (i.e. email and fax contacts). InLoox PM 8 uses the free/busy-feature of Microsoft Exchange Server for internal resources and integrates the information (busy, tentative and out of office) into the workload diagram.

The opening of the Resources overview:

  1. In the project, on the Start tab, click Work Packages, Mind Maps and Planning.
  2. Then on the View tab, in the Resources group click Resources.

 The description of the features from the dialog box can be found here Work with resources.

The description of the other features: