Auto-Save & Undo/Redo

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Auto-save in InLoox Gantt-chart

The auto-save function is per default on. This means, that you can leave this project plan and switch to another project and InLoox will save all the work you have done in the Gantt automatically. 


Save manually & Undo/redo

If you disable the auto-save function, you are able to manually click on the Save button, whenever you want or need to. Upon leaving the current project plan, InLoox will ask you if you want to save the changes you have made in the Gantt-chart. You may keep or discard the changes.

If you disable the auto-save function, you get an undo- and redo-button in the menu. This enables you to freely make changes in your Gantt-chart and undo or redo them whenever you need.

Note Please remember that hitting that save button will prevent you to undo the changes you made before!