Search and find projects

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You will find in the project list several options to find a project you are looking for. This chapter will introduce you to the search function, the use of views and filters when searching a project.

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Search function

  1. Type into the field Search projects the project name or other information on the project you want to find.
  2. Click .

    The projects, which include the entered text, are displayed.

    If the search is completed, you can clean up the search field by clicking Close search .

Use views

Choose one view from the Views list, under the Ribbon, in the left column, e.g. Projects: project manager view. You will see an overview of all projects to which you are assigned as project manager.

For more information on how to save or edit a view, see Create a view.

Use filters

  1. Click Show Filters in the View group on the InLoox PM Web App Ribbon.
  2. In the Create filter dialog box do the following:
    • The filter operator And is set by default. Click it to choose another, e.g. Equal, on from the displayed list.
    • Click to add fields.
    • Click Project name to change this field and choose one from the displayed list, e.g. Customer name.
    • Enter a text in the field behind the filter operator, e.g. marketing.
    • Click OK.
      InLoox PM filters the projects by the selected criteria, e.g. category equal.

Use buttons or to add or delete conditions.