Automatic updates for Microsoft .Net 6

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Question: How can I keep Microsoft .Net 6 up to date automatically?

Answer: The following settings ensure that Microsoft .Net 6 is always kept up to date on your system.


Please note

  • For InLoox for Windows/Outlook the Microsoft .Net 6 Desktop Runtime is required.
  • For InLoox OnPrem Server the Microsoft .Net 6 Hosting Bundle is required.


InLoox for Windows/Outlook:

  1. Open the settings of your PC or notebook.
    Note  The following labels may differ slightly depending on the system.
  2. Click on "Update & Security".
  3. Click on "Windows Update" on the left and then on "Advanced options".
  4. Activate the toggle for "Receive updates for other Microsoft products".
  5. Done! Microsoft .NET is now updated automatically.

Windows Update - Activate toggle "Receive updates for other Microsoft products"


InLoox OnPrem Server:

  1. Follow all the steps described above under "InLoox for Windows/Outlook".
  2. Go to the following website: Microsoft DevBlogs - Server Operating Systems Auto Updates.
    Follow the steps specified there and store one or more of the registration keys listed there on your server.