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Die InLoox Zentrale in der Parkstadt Schwabing

About InLoox

As an enterprise software company, our project management solutions simplify the daily work of our customers. Together with more than 60,000 users, we want to further develop InLoox. Always on the search for new and innovative technologies with which we can support our customers in their daily work, we shape the future project management world.

  • We develop InLoox all together.
  • We work on making the software even better day by day.
  • We are a team with a common goal: To make sure that InLoox is always on board for all successful projects.
  • Each person contributes to making InLoox the best platform for projects, tasks & collaboration.

Be part of InLoox
Join us and move large projects forward

We are an owner-managed company and 100 percent privately owned. By avoiding venture capital, we can set a long-term focus on sustainable and continuous product development. Become a part of it, actively shape InLoox within this areas:

  • Software Development

    Software development is our core business and therefore the largest area of InLoox. We use sophisticated business logic to create user-friendly desktop, web and mobile applications. Not only do we have high quality standards, but we are also eager to learn and always on the search for new technologies. At the monthly TechTalk we regularly discuss the latest trends, their usability and their potential benefits.

  • Account Management

    In sales, we take care of acquiring new customers and looking after our existing customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We provide high-quality product advice, create added value and offer customer-oriented solutions. From the initial contact through the consulting phase to completion and training, we are the central point of contact for our customers.

  • Marketing & PR

    In marketing, we focus on lead generation for our sales colleagues and the best possible positioning of the InLoox brand. From the website and product documentation to social media channels and press work to partner coordination and event management - we take care of the company's entire public image.  

  • Customer Support

    In support, we are the first point of contact for our customers when it comes to technical problems and challenges. We are a reliable partner for our customers and try to solve difficulties in a customer-oriented and timely way. We attach great importance to a fast reaction time and goal-oriented troubleshooting.

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