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InLoox für Outlook (Modern Add-in)

Mit dem InLoox für Outlook Modern Add-in erweitern Sie Outlook um ein leistungsstarkes und intuitives Seitenpanel. Das Add-in ist für alle InLoox Editionen geeignet.

Hinweis Cloud-Kunden können das Add-in direkt aus dem Microsoft App Source herunterladen. Kunden von InLoox On-Prem nutzen bitte folgende Installationsanleitung »

InLoox für Outlook Add-in herunterladen New
InLoox Integration in Outlook

Get the latest InLoox product version here

InLoox Produktdownload für Einzelanwender

InLoox Windows Clients 

InLoox for Windows and InLoox for Outlook

For every InLoox Edition

Version 11.11.0 (June 24th, 2024)

Download InLoox Installer
InLoox Produktdownload für Arbeitsgruppen

InLoox On-Prem

For companies with their own IT-infrastructure

For InLoox On-Prem Edition

Version CVERTG (June 18th, 2024)

Download InLoox Server Installer

Download InLoox Installer full version (531 MB)

Please note

  • The InLoox Installer (approx. 1.5 MB in size) is recommended if you are connected to the Internet. It downloads missing files on your computer if required.
  • The InLoox Installer full version is about 531 MB in size and can also be used for offline installation. It contains all InLoox installation files that are necessary for an installation of the InLoox Apps InLoox for Windows and InLoox for Outlook. If you want to update the InLoox Installer on multiple computers, we recommend downloading the full InLoox Installer file.
  • You only need to download the InLoox On-Prem Server Installer if you are using InLoox On-Prem. For InLoox Professional and InLoox Enterprise, only the InLoox Installer is required.
  • An update of the InLoox On-Prem database is generally possible with every update within InLoox 11. This depends on the previously installed InLoox version. The InLoox On-Prem Installer checks if an update of the InLoox database is necessary. If this is the case, it will be displayed accordingly. If a database update is required, it will be displayed whether it is incompatible for already installed InLoox Apps. In this case, the InLoox Apps have to be updated directly. Otherwise, they are blocked for access.
  • The InLoox Apps can be updated without a dedicated administrator using the automatic update feature integrated in InLoox.

More information

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System Requirements

Please note the system requirements for user computers and InLoox network versions. 

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Installation Guide

Do you need help with the installation? Our installation whitepapers will help you getting started. 

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Release History

What's new in InLoox? Read up on the latest release notes.

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Download Archive

Are you looking for an older InLoox product version? Find previous product releases in the archive.