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You work with Apple mac computers and want to keep an eye on your projects via iPhone or iPad? You also want to professionalize your project management and make it more efficient, flexible and transparent?

Then InLoox is the right choice! InLoox Web App and InLoox Mobile App for iOS enables you to plan and control your projects any time and any place. 

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InLoox Web App

InLoox Web App supports all the major web browsers, which makes the access really easy. No matter if you want to use it on your smartphone, macbook, Apple Mac or iPad - the online project platform knows no technical boundaries.

InLoox Web App also enables you to integrate mobile users, freelancers and external partners into your company's project environment. The encrypted connection to the project server keeps your data safe. 

It's your choice: Besides the classic licensing model, InLoox Web App is also available as a turnkey service: benefit from transparent pay-as-you-go plans that adjust as your company grows - start your own project platform within just a few minutes.

InLoox Web App provides a powerful, secure and scalable infrastructure for professional project management on the web - and is platform- and device-independent.


InLoox Mobile App for iOS

Tasks, projects, everything - this is also true for the InLoox Mobile App. Users have full access to their projects and tasks. They can upload documents and assign tasks, as well as track their project times and book them to project tasks.

Good news: You can use InLoox without an internet connection. This means that you can continue working offline in InLoox even if the WIFI in the coffee shop you’re in is weak or if your monthly mobile data is nearing its end. As soon as you have a connection again, InLoox synchronizes your project data automatically - across all devices and clients.

InLoox Mobile App offers you the features you need to work efficiently while on the go:

  • Tasks: Keep an eye on all personal and project-related tasks. Create a task directly in InLoox Mobile App and assign the task to a project. You can also mark a task as "done" as soon as you've finished it. This is an easy way for field representatives to report their task status back. 
  • Projects: Create new projects on the go, invite team members directly to the project and track project progress with the burndown chart and the overview of completed and open tasks.
  • Documents: You can send documents from other apps to InLoox, which you can save directly in the project or attach to a project task. You can also take a photo with your smartphone and attach it to a task. So you have a complete documentation in your projects.
  • Time tracking: Track your times and book them directly to project tasks. So you have a complete documentation and no information is lost on the way.

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Für wen ist InLoox geeignet?

  • Projektmanager (Projektleiter)
  • Projektplaner
  • Projektcontroller
  • Projektmitarbeiter
  • Vertrieb 
  • Marketing
  • Produktion
  • IT / (IT-)Support
  • Controlling
  • Qualitätssicherung
  • Geschäftsführung
  • Geschäftspartner (Freelancer, Externe)

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