Rapporti di valutazione

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Manufacturing: Snowmaking Systems


Project managers report that their work is more structured. InLoox has simplified communication and information sharing processes and TechnoAlpin employees are expecting noticeable time savings as a result of streamlining processes. 

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Research and development: automotive and mechanical engineering 


Employees of the Fraunhofer Institute chose InLoox for their internal project management: efficient planning, team coordination, document management, and progress control of development contracts. 

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Packaging Industry


Project managers and sales staff are especially satisfied with schedule monitoring and being able to call up the project status at any time, the high-level of cost transparency and clear assignment of tasks, and an overall efficiency increase. 

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InLoox supports the project managers and adjusts itself to the company's workflow, increasing the transparency and effectiveness of projects by 60% and 20% respectively.

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Integrated services for trade fair stands


For project managers InLoox provides the necessary transparency and reliability, even for big projects such as the 2006 World Cup. The accountants are able to charge all activities precisely and on time according to project status. 

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Business consultancy


InLoox helped lowering administration and control costs by 60% while improving project transparency. All documents are now stored in the InLoox project management system decreasing paper use.

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