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Whitepaper: Die 7 wichtigsten Gründe für Projektmanagement

7 arguments for implementing PM

Find out which arguments speak for PM - we have collected the 7 most important reasons for the implementation of project management in companies.

Whitepaper: Digitale Transformationsprojekte

Digital transformation projects

We live in a global and fast changing world. Learn how to lead your company into the digital future and be successful in the long term.


InLoox whitepapers

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Whitepaper: Fokussiert arbeiten mit InLoox

How to focus in your daily work

Constant task juggling and a lack of focus - that sounds familiar to you? In this whitepaper you will find tips on how InLoox can help you to better organize your workday. 

Whitepaper: Termintreue in Projekten

On schedule project delivery

What is meant by keeping to deadlines, how can you increase it and what features does InLoox offer to achieve this goal? Lern more in our whitepaper

Whitepaper: Automatisierte Workflows

Automated workflows with InLoox

Combine InLoox with Microsoft PowerAutomate (formerly Flow) to optimize your processes and increase productivity. Learn how to configure workflows. 

Whitepaper: Agiles Aufgabenmanagement mit InLoox

Agile task management with InLoox

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to use InLoox to plan and manage project tasks in an agile way. The Kanban board will support you here. 

Whitepaper: InLoox Dokumentenstruktur anpassen

How to customize the InLoox folder structure

InLoox is the central platform for document storage in the project. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to customize the folder structure for your company. 

Whitepaper: InLoox + Power BI - Bessere Entscheidungen treffen mit intelligenten Datenvisualisierungen

Data visualizations: InLoox + Power BI

Making better decisions with intelligent data visualizations: Link InLoox with Power BI and create individual dashboards and reports.


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