InLoox Go-Cloud Offer:
Save up to 72%!*

Switch to InLoox now! and get all users at a special price

You want to modernize your infrastructure and take it to the cloud? You’d like to add new team members to InLoox more flexibly and enable them to work with InLoox for Outlook, Web App and Mobile App all at once? 

Then discuss the switch from InLoox PM to InLoox now! with your InLoox representative at no obligation. We are happy to assist you!

Jetzt von InLoox PM zu InLoox now! wechseln und bis zu 72% sparen!

Benefits of InLoox now!

✔ Start immediately

✔ All inclusive

✔ More convenience

✔ Reduced costs

✔ More flexibility

✔ Free upgrades

✔ Clever notifications

✔ More integrations

✔ Easy collaboration

✔ Offene API

✔ Offline-Betrieb

✔ Single Sign-On 

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Sample calculations: Here's how much you can save

Scenario 1: 

If you are currently working with the InLoox PM Enterprise Server and 50 Web Users and have an active software maintenance plan, you will receive 50 InLoox now! Enterprise Users with full functionality: 

InLoox PM Server & User: Enterprise+ 50 Web User

Cost of software maintenance plan: 908,00,00€

InLoox now! subscription: 26.970,00€

Special offer InLoox now!: 7.636,00€

Savings: 72% (19.334,00€)

Scenario 2: 

If you are currently working with the InLoox PM Workgroup Server and 50 Outlook Users and have an active software maintenance plan, you will receive 50 InLoox now! Enterprise Users at a special price of 9.396€: 

InLoox PM Server & User: Workgroup + 50 Outlook User

Cost of software maintenance plan: 4.698,00€

InLoox now! subscription: 26.970,00€

Special offer InLoox now!: 9.396,00€

Savings: 65% (17.574,00€)

Szenario 3: 

If you are currently working with the InLoox PM Personal license with an active software maintenance plan, you save 64% of the costs* and will receive an InLoox now! Enterprise User at a special price of 196€: 

InLoox PM User: Personal

Cost of software maintenance plan: 98,00€

InLoox now! subscription: 539,40€

Special offer InLoox now!: 196,00€

Savings: 64% (343,00€)

Are you still unsure? 

We have compiled the most important differences between InLoox PM and InLoox now! for you: 

InLoox PM versus InLoox now!

Comparison between InLoox PM & InLoox now!


InLoox PM

InLoox now!


Client based notifications:

Users can send custom notifications.

Server based notifications:

InLoox sends out automatic & predefined group notifications.

Document storage
  • Connection to local file server
  • SharePoint Server
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Internet link
  • Central file storage in Microsoft data centers in Germany
  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Internet links
Server infrastructure Own hardware/database servers Hardware & database servers are provided by InLoox
Payment method Licensing at a one-off price Flexible subscription model: 1 oder 12 months plans
Outlook client

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Web client partly

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Mobile client partly

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Free support

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Updates manually automatically & manually
Upgrades Only with a Software Maintenance Plan

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Data backup Set up by customers themselves Daily automatic backup by InLoox
Offline operation partly

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Storage space unlimitedu Up to 25GB per user (extendable)
Number of projects unlimited unlimited
Open API  partly

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Single Sign-On (Office 365 integration) not available

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Contributors not available

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

Viewer license

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

not available
Microsoft Teams App not available

Icon check_buttongrün-hell_30x30

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*Terms: Offer valid or the switch from InLoox PM to InLoox now! Enterprise with an annual subscription plan. Approved licenses are “Enterprise Server”, “Workgroup Server”, “Universal User”, “Outlook User”, “Personal Edition” and “Web User”. Offer valid for licenses with an active software maintenance plan, which was purchased at least 6 months before the switch. Server licenses must be included in the switch. Higher priced licenses must be transferred first. Discounts are absolute amounts based on the currently valid InLoox now! price list for the entire contract period. InLoox reserves the right to change the list price of InLoox now! at any time. Customers may increase or reduce the number of users. Changes shall become effective at the next renewal of the subscription. In the event of a reduction in the number of users or downgrade of the edition, the discount granted shall be reduced proportionally. Downgrade to InLoox now! Professional only possible after the first 12 months of the subscription have expired. It is not possible to switch to monthly billing. Customers can return to InLoox PM at any time. The prerequisite is the resumption of the software maintenance plan at the regular end of the InLoox now! subscription. Costs already billed for services booked are not refundable, not even pro rata temporis. The general terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions of InLoox now! apply.