InLoox + Microsoft Excel

Transitioning from Excel to InLoox is easy

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InLoox + Microsoft Excel

Excel is still the most prevalent "project management tool" - even though it's not a project management tool. Excel is a spreadsheet tool that is extremely powerful and useful when you need to quickly create pivot charts to visualize project reports and other data. But when it comes to project management, it takes a lot of time and effort to manage excel plans as any changes have to be modified manually which makes it error-prone. When your projects get too big and complex for excel, it's easy to transition to a professional project management software like InLoox: Just copy and paste your excel activities into an InLoox Gantt chart and you can immediately continue planning your project, add tasks and resources to activities, track project times and more.

Advantages of InLoox: 

  • Integrated in Outlook, available on any web browser and mobile device
  • Real-time data
  • Gantt planning with tasks and workload management
  • Platform for all project team members 

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