Create a new budget item

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Every budget can have as many budget items as needed. Follow these steps to create a new budget position:

1. Navigate to Projects >> Start >> Budgets and open an existing budget or create a new budget.

2. Go to the tab Budget Items and click on New Budget Item


3. Edit the newly created budget item in the side panel

 It is also possible to copy a budget item from another budget or project: Use the commands CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste), or alternatively use the copy and paste buttons in the ribbon in the tab Budget Items. 

 You can’t add any new budget items for the automatically created budgets Expense (actual, time tracking) and Expense (plan, resources). All items are automatically taken from the time tracking or the resources’ tasks and editing is restricted. If you want to edit an item from one of these two budgets, you will have to do so in the respective time tracking entry or the respective task.