Save and load budget templates

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You can reuse a budget for recurring projects by saving it as a template instead of creating a new one every time. 

Save a budget template

Follow these steps to save a budget as a template:

1. Navigate to Projects >> Start >> Budgets >> Templates

2. Mark the budget you would like to save as a template. If you do not want to save all budget items, then only mark the ones in the budget items list which you want to include in the template. To choose multiple items, hold the CTRL button and left-click on all relevant items.

3. Click on Save Template in the ribbon.


4. You can edit the following information in the pop-up window: 

Load a budget template

To load a previously created budget, follow these steps:

1. Choose an existing budget

2. Click on Load template in the tab Templates

3. A dialogue window will open where you can choose a template from a dropdown menu. You can also get a preview of the budget items saved in the template.

4. Confirm your selection with OK