Adjust the customer number

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The InLoox options provide various possibilities to edit the customer number. In the customer number area you also can define the rules for the number format.

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Adjust a customer number

1. Open the InLoox options by clicking on File in the left corner. Afterwards click on the InLoox options button 

2. Select General Options, click on Customers and then on Customer Number.

Individually adjust the customer number in the InLoox options

3. Individually edit the customer number:

For the number setting you need a least a prefix or a sequence number. You can combine a prefix or a suffix with a sequence number.

4. Click on OK or Apply to save your changes. 

Mode description for prefix and suffix


Data type and significance

Any text

Any changeable character string of any length.

Fix text

Any character string of any length, which cannot be changed, e.g. the word project.

Regular expression

To define the format of the customer number insert a Regular expression and a Default

Please note the format rules, for more information see: Change the number format.

Examples of common formats



Four-digit year combined with sequence number (e.g. "2016-008")



  • "2016-" (fixed prefix with year).
  • "Sequence number" (maximum 3 digits with leading zeroes).


  • Rule: ^\d{4}-$
  • Default: 2016- or 2015-

Sequence number: Digits: 3


Suffix: none

Sequence number with country code



  • "Sequence number" (maximum 5 digits with leading zeroes).
  • Country code (-DE, -AT, -FR, ...).

Prefix: none


Sequence number: Digits: 5




  • Regular expression: ^-\w{2}$


  • Default: -DE

Simple sequence number

  • "Sequence number" (maximum 6 digits with leading zeroes).

Prefix: none


Sequence number: Digits : 6


Suffix: none

Free format

Prefix: any text


Sequence number: none


Suffix: none


Effects of changing the number format: