Link documents to budgets/budget items

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It is possible to attach an Excel table, a contract or any type of documents to project budgets or individual budget items. This enables you to establish better comprehensibility, e.g. for invoices.

1. To attach a document, click on a budget or budget item.

2. In the side panel under Documents, you can search and add documents. You now have several options:

3. To add a new document, click Browse. Then you can select the corresponding document from your computer. Once you click Open, the document is linked to the budget/budget item.

4. If you already have available documents, they will be displayed. You can select the desired document by mouse click.

5. The Advanced field opens a dialog box. Here you have the possibility to search for documents in more detail. You also have the option here to add further documents via New file (e.g. a file, file link or an Internet link).