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It is recommended to divide the planning into activities. An activity is a planning element with a defined start and end date or a defined duration which is narrowed down content-wise by the underlying work packages. Please follow these steps to divide the planning into several activities:

For more information about work packages, please see the category Work packages.

  1. Open an existing project or create a new one.

    For more information on how to create a project see Create a project.

  2. In the project, on the Start tab, in the Sections group, click Planning.
  3. Create a planning by adding activities. In the Planning page, in the Edit group, click New Activity. Enter a name directly in the row.
    You can also add another project element like a milestone. For more information, see Create and edit a milestone.
  4. To add more details to the activity, click Edit in the Edit group or double-click on the selected activity. In the Edit Activity dialog box, you can adjust the activity to your requirements:


    • General information on the activity on the Standard tab
      1. In the Basic information area, in the Name box, you can change a name. In the Group box choose a group to which the activity belongs. It defines the costs for the activity.
        Each group has an internal price per hour. You can change this price/group or add a new one via the InLoox PM Web App options. For more information, see Generate and edit groups.
      2. In the Basic information area, you can also define whether a planning element is a milestone. Select Item is a milestone check box.
      3. In the Highlight area, select from the Flag drop-down list a color to mark the activity in the planning list. You can also select a color to mark the activity in the Gantt chart by clicking Color and choosing some from the drop-down list.
      4. In the Time frame area, define its duration and dependencies regarding other planning elements.
        The current date will be set by default in the new project.
        1. Select Standard as a calendar or choose a user-defined working time calendar from the list in the Calendar box.

          For more information on how to set a working time calendar, see Create a working time calendar.

        2. In the Duration box, enter the duration in days and enter the hours in the box below.
        3. In the Schedule box, define the constraints of the activity. Choose between Start or End.
        4. The constraint As soon as possible is set up as default value for the Start and As late as possible for the End.
        5. Choose below, if you want to set your own date and the constraints. In the drop-down list choose between On, No earlier than, No later than.
          For more information about the dependency and constraints, see Create planning elements dependency.
      5. In the Status area, define the progress or activate the done check box to display the processing status of the activity.
    •  More information on the activity on the Details tab
      1. In the Description box enter some important information on the activity, e.g. the targeted deliverables or internal remarks.
        • The information from the Description box will be sent via notification to the divided resources. See Display and process work package for more information about the notifications.
        • InLoox PM Web App provides you with a range of formatting features. For the detailed description, see Create and change comments in the Customize comments section.
      2. In the Parent box, select a group or parent, to which the activity belongs.
      3. In the WBS code box, enter a work breakdown structure code to identify activities and milestones in large projects.
      4. In the Location box, enter a location.
    • Set dependencies between activities / planning elements on the Dependency tab
      1. Choose from the Available list one planning element and click >>.
        InLoox PM Web App creates a chronological interdependency between the activity and the selected successor.
      2. The Selected list contains all successors of the activity currently being edited. To remove a successor click on the button <<.
        InLoox PM Web App consequently deletes the chronological interdependency between the activity and the selected successor.
      3. Define the dependency between planning elements by choosing the item in the Selected list.
        • Click Edit and choose between Start to start, Start to end, End to start, End to end in the Edit Dependency dialog box.
        • Set up a lag in the Lag area.
        • Activate the Negative control box to create a negative lag.
          For more information about dependencies and lags, see Create planning elements dependency.
    • Further information on the activity on the Custom tab
      1. Click in the previously created custom box and enter a new value for it.

        For more information on how to add a new custom field in InLoox PM Web App, see Create a custom field.

  5. Click OK to save the changes.

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