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Below, you find a list of InLoox PM error messages and proposed solutions.
If you cannot solve the problem on your own, please do not hesitate to contact our support service, who can be reached online at

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Errors in connection with the database

Error message


Error: The InLoox PM database is not available.
Error on establishing link with the server...

  • Check that the network is accessible.
  • Check whether the offline configuration, if there is any, is correct.
  • Contact your system administrator.

You are using InLoox PM client version X.X.
The InLoox PM database version is Y.Y.

Please ensure that you are using the appropriate version of the product or contact your system administrator.

The InLoox PM client version being used does not match the database version on the server. Please update the InLoox PM client.

Errors in connection with licenses

Error message


The license code input does not tally with version of InLoox PM being used.

The license code you have put in is for an earlier or later version of InLoox PM.

A licencing error has occurred. Please check the licence key or refer to your system administrator.

The license key you have put in is not valid for the installed version of InLoox PM. Please request a valid license key.

The maximum number of clients has been reached. It is not possible to use InLoox PM.
Please check the licence key or refer to your system administrator.

Your InLoox PM installation is licensed for a specific number of workstations. This number has been exceeded. Please obtain a supplementary license for the required number of additional workstations.

For more information on InLoox PM licensing, please see Read the InLoox PM license terms.

Errors in connection with reports

Error message


The report template contains an error. An expression used in the template is incorrect.
Please correct the report template.

Please check the report template with the help of the help documentation for the InLoox PM report designer.

The report contains no data. Empty reports cannot be created.
Please edit the report template.

The report template is empty. Please update the template. For more information, please see the chapter Manage report templates and the help documentation for the InLoox PM report designer.

No printer is installed.
Please install a printer to output reports.

A printer must be installed to put out a report. Please install the driver needed by your printer. For more information, please have a look at the user manual for your printer.