InLoox PM: Project Management in Your Own Data Network
For Outlook, Web & Smartphone

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Recommended for...

  • mid-sized companies
  • big corporations
  • organizations who want to host their project data themselves

InLoox PM is your preferred solution if you...

  • ...want to purchase a one-time charge license.
  • ...want to take advantage of a non-expiring license.
  • ...want to host your data on your own company servers. 


Project Management. Anywhere, anytime. On any device.


InLoox PM works seamlessly across devices and syncs project data automatically - so you can be sure that your project data is always up-to-date. 

Work on your project plan on desktop with InLoox for Outlook. Check on your project's status on the go with InLoox Web App and mark tasks as done in InLoox Mobile App. The possibilities are endless!

InLoox PM licensing options

One-time charge, non-expiring license

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InLoox: Better planning, better collaboration

  • InLoox for Outlook - Kanban Board

    Vista Kanban – Distribuisci e gestisci le attività in team

  • InLoox for Outlook - Planning

    Pianificazione temporale – Controlla processi, tappe e risorse senza alcuna difficoltà

  • InLoox 10 for Outlook: InLoox seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook environment

    Sincronizzazione di Outlook - Approfittate appieno delle sinergie tra Outlook e InLoox

  • InLoox for Outlook - Dashboard

    Dashboard – Trasparenza su tutti i progetti, direttamente in Outlook

  • InLoox for Outlook - Budget Overview

    Panoramica grafica del budget – Confronto costante tra piano e realtà

  • InLoox Web App: Workplace

    Workplace – Tieni traccia di tutte le tue attività online

  • InLoox Web App: Planning

    Pianificazione temporalepianificare i processi, le tappe e le attività online con la web app InLoox.

  • InLoox Web App: Kanban

    Kanban Vedere online chi fa cosa e quando

  • InLoox Web App: Documents

    Documenti – Gestisci tutti i documenti ordinati in un unico luogo

  • InLoox Web App: Dashboard

    DashboardMonitorare online le cifre e gli sviluppi importanti

  • InLoox Mobile App: Tasks

    InLoox per iOS e Android - Tieni traccia di tutti i tuoi compiti e progetti in movimento

  • InLoox Mobile App: Documents

    InLoox per iOS e Android - Carica documenti e immagini da qualsiasi luogo

  • InLoox Mobile App for iOS and Android: Track your time from anywhere and assigne the tracked time to project tasks directly

    InLoox per iOS e Android - Traccia il tempo da qualsiasi luogo e assegna il tempo tracciato direttamente a un'attività di progetto

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  • project management in the cloud
  • flexible subscription model
  • Software hosted in Germany = high data protection
  • Available on all devices: desktop, web browser & mobile

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