InLoox is Compatible with Windows 7

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InLoox is Compatible with Windows 7

Munich, 2010-04-14 - The project management software InLoox meets all technical requirements to earn the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo.

The current version of the project management software InLoox is given green light to be used with Windows 7 in productive environments. The manufacturer IQ medialab from Munich / Germany announces that InLoox meets all respective Microsoft Corp. guidelines. As one of the first project management solutions in the German market InLoox is Compatible with Windows 7.

"In addition, we have performed an extensive test program - both in-house and at selected pilot customer sites", as Tiziano Panico, general manager at IQ medialab explains. "This way we safeguard our customer's software investments."

Currently IQ medialab is preparing Microsoft Office 2010 support for their product. Since InLoox is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010, users profit twice from new features and improvements shipping with the new Office release. As in previous versions, InLoox will be adapted to the new Outlook look-and-feel from head to toe. The update is scheduled to be published in June this year. The official release of Microsoft Office 2010 is expected at the same time.

About IQ medialab

IQ medialab is based in Munich / Germany. The company develops state of-the-art software solutions that integrate, streamline and accelerate business processes. InLoox is IQ medialab’s flagship product. The project management system InLoox is IQ medialab’s flagship product. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Over 1,000 companies from all sectors of business have put their trust in the know-how of IQ medialab. Well-known customers of IQ medialab include Siemens, Seat and many more.