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Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Science is the first participant of IQ medialab's "Akademie-Initiative"

Promoting a hands-on education in project management

Munich, March 18, 2009 - IQ medialab started an initiative, supporting educational institutions across German-speaking countries and increasing the quality of project management. As part of the program, students can get hands-on experience in working with professional project management tools. In order to provide the most work relevant education, IQ medialab makes their InLoox software available to the institutes of higher education for free. The first school to benefit from the initiative is Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Science. 

Andreas Tremel, IQ medialab CEO, explains the reasons for starting the educational initiative: "We want to give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in software-based project management before they start their professional career. Our major goal is to provide the students with additional qualifications, that will ease their transition into a professional environment."

A current research study [1] conducted by Haufe Academy and Deggendorf University of Applied Science finds that medium-sized companies often times do not make optimal use of their resources and employees are not lacking knowledge in project management.

Putting software to action: Developing functional models

The first institution to participate in the initiative is Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Science. In small teams, engineering and construction technology students have the task to develop new functional models and pre-production models of devices such as electric wheeled walker, pneumatically operated filtration plants or electricity powered handrails for staircases. The project management software InLoox will support the teams throughout the development process, facilitating efficient planning and keeping deadlines. At the end of the semester, all teams should be able to present their model that has been developed with the aid of a professcional project management tool. Prof. Dr. Dietrich Juckenack from Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Science is excited about the project: "We want to prepare our students specifically for their individual professional careers instead of simply providing them with theoretical knowledge. IQ medialab allows us to simulate developing a new product under realistic industry conditions - in terms of time planning, work allocation, budgeting, and project evaluation."

Providing promotion

Institutions of higher education all across German-speaking countries, offering classes in which students work on developing and realizing joint projects, are welcome to participate in the "Akademie-Initative". Universities that are interested, can contact IQ medialab for more information on the program.

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About IQ medialab

IQ medialab is based in Munich / Germany. The company develops state of-the-art software solutions that integrate, streamline and accelerate business processes. InLoox is IQ medialab’s flagship product. The project management system InLoox is IQ medialab’s flagship product. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Over 1,000 companies from all sectors of business have put their trust in the know-how of IQ medialab. Well-known customers of IQ medialab include Siemens, Seat and many more.