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Finding the as-is state through analysis

The Current State Assessment is a fundamental step in project management. It refers to the process of collecting and analyzing the current state of a process, system, or project environment. The goal of the Current State Assessment is to gain a detailed understanding of the existing situation in order to plan improvements or adaptations based on this knowledge.

During the Current State Assessment, various aspects such as existing processes, resource utilization, performance data, organizational structures, and existing systems are examined in detail. This can be done through observations, interviews, document analysis, and other data collection methods. The collected data serve as a basis for identifying problem areas, inefficiencies, or potential for improvement.

Objectivity and Quality in Current State Assessments

An essential aspect of the Current State Assessment is objectivity. It is important to maintain a neutral perspective and not be influenced by existing opinions or practices. A method for current state assessments is the so-called SWOT analysis where strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analysed. The insights gained are crucial for the subsequent phases of project management, especially for the planning and implementation of change measures during a change management process.

The quality of the Current State Assessment directly influences the success of the project. A careful and comprehensive assessment allows for a realistic assessment of the initial situation and forms a solid foundation for developing effective strategies to achieve project goals.

Difference between Current State Assessment and Target State Analysis

The Current State Assessment differs fundamentally from the Target State Analysis, another central concept in project management. While the Current State Assessment aims to capture and understand the current state of a process, system, or environment, the Target State Analysis focuses on defining the desired future state.

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